Nicos is a professional sales and marketing agency operating
in the wine market all over the world

How We Work

Nicos Consulting is constantly ungraded about the new trends and tastes of each market on all continents as of Italian wines, to offer our best selection of Italian wine brands.

italian producers

We Select italian wine producers from Sud Tirol to Sicily. We value the potential of our partners and are commited to developing it.

italian producers

We Craete a good and trust network between the producers and our best importers and distributors all over the word. We intercepts what the market is about to ask, to build the winnig offers.

italian producers

We believe that the basis on which to build a Long-Term Relationship is simply knowing how to meet the mutual expectations of our partners, both producers and customers.

Nicos Team

Our team give value to enthusiasm, energy, skills, experience and innovation of the producers, customers

Leonardo Nicotra

Sales Manager

Vincenzo Nicotra

CEO & Export Manager

Gaetano Nicotra

Marketing Manager/Account Rapresentative

Giulia Martinico

Account Rappresentative

Nicole Qiu

Key Account Asia

Walter Gattavara

Export Manager

Our Main Partners

Get Started. Opportunity must be sought traced, captured.

italian producers

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italian producers

phone: +39 3442408459

italian producers

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